Company BIOPEL, a. s. is a specialist wood fuel suplier and specializes in high quality wood chips production. We produce wood chips with low moisture content up to 20%. Used wood which is natural or merely mechanical processed wood can be an excellent source of fuel. It needs to be carefully screened and processed to remove any contaminants that are not normally found in wood in its natural state. Sources of clean recycled wood might include pallets, transport cases, boxes, wood packages, cable reels or construction wood. BIOPEL has a stringent process for ensuring our clean recycled chip to ensure it is of the highest quality. It has proved very popular biomass fuel with clients who are promoting a wide sustainability agenda.

Mature trees are rarely cut down specifically for wood fuel. Instead virgin wood for biomass is supplied from residues such as branches, small round wood, thinnings, poorly formed wood, stumps and brash. High quality timber will continue to be processed by sawmills for the construction, furniture and other industries, and these too will produce residues and co-product such as offcuts, bark and sawdust that are also potentially suitable fuel. Wood waste should be naturally dryed in an open sided shelter untill the wood chips is being chipped to the specification required. Then the wood chips will be distributed to the boiler rooms. If the wood chips do not reach moisture required, they will be dryed in mobile container chips dryer, thereafter distributed in special pneumatic chips blower container to the custmer. 


09 MAN stiepkovac

MAN TGS – Professional mobile wood chipper







12 mobilna kontajner susiaren

Wood chips distribution

Special containers for wood chips distribution - inner volume min. 34 m3

Pneumatic unloading - blowing of wood chips to the store




07 Volvo tahac s kontajnermi

Wood chips distribution

Type of vehicle: VOLVO 

Specification: Hook loader for container transportation





06 Volvo tahac s navesom

Type of vehicle: VOLVO

Specification: semitrailer truck with walking floor

Loading capacity: max. 24 t, volume max. 90 m3