Natural decorative wood chips, raised flower beds, wood pellet boxes, anti frost pellet protection, wine shop ...

 Natural decorative wood chips
 Our wood chips have many other uses other than for fuel. It is suitable for garden paths and borders, helping to retain moisture, suppress weeds and makes the garden look neat, a perfect alternative to bark. Made from 100% virgin timber, our decorative wood chip makes an excellent base for horse menages/arenas, garden paths, children's play areas plus many other uses. Available in 60l bags, 1000 l bags or bulk loads.
Raised flower beds
Recycled wooden pallet boxes for various uses in garden and household - composting, vegetables storing, raised flower beds, ...
 Pellet boxes for barbecue
 8kg and 12kg pellets boxes for grills, smoking and barbecue
 Pellet boxes - anti frost smoke protection in orchards and vineyards
Pellet boxes filled with high quality wood pellets produced in Slovakia - 8kg and 12kg package. 
 Fresh sawdust for vegetables storing
 Fresh sawdust is a great material for storing vegetables. The sawdust keeps the microclimate that suits the stored root vegetables. Thanks to the sawdust you can have fresh carrots, celery, parsley, kohlrabi, red beet year round. In our warehouse you can also buy a wooden box with a plywood bottom.
 Winery - Slovak and Italian wine
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