Wood fuel of pure natural origin bring you clean fuel with user-friendly manipulations and green bonus. 

Technical parameters

Shape brick
Diameter  ca 64 x 96 x 154 mm
Bulk density  min. 1000 kg.m-3
Heating capacity  min. 16 MJ.kg-1
Moisture content < 12%
Ash content < 0.5%


Made of super dried wood chips and sawdust. Bricks can be burned by themselves or with fire-wood to produce clean-burning, long-lasting heat - at a better price.
 Price list
  • 10 kg package
  • 960 kg pallete
 Brikety letak 2018 brikety biopel

We deliver neat pallets of pre-stacked, weather-protected biomass bricks. 

The delivery trucks have max. loading capacity of 6.3 tons or 1.2 tons

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