1. Invoice datas

  2. Company
  3. Company name
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  4. Registration No.
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  5. VAT Reg. No.
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  6. Customer - contact person
  7. Title
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  8. Name*
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  9. Surname*
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  10. Address
  11. Street, number*
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  15. Contact
  16. Tel., mobile No.*
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  18. Address for delivery, if different from invoice Address

  19. Company
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  20. Name
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  21. Surname
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  22. Street, number
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  23. Town, country
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  24. Post Code
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  25. Payment

  26. Way of payment*
    Please select prefered way of paymenent.
  27. IBAN
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  28. SWIFT code
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  29. Wood pellets order specification

  30. Quantity (in tons)*
    Please write quantity of pellets in tons.
  31. Pellets diameter*
    Please select preffered diameter of pellets.
  32. Package*

    Please specify package of pellets.
  33. Delivery

  34. *
    Please select preffered delivery of goods.
  35. Place of delivery*
    Please specify place for delivery.
  36. Preliminary term of delivery*
    Please specify preliminary term of delivery
  37. Storage capacity m3 (in case of tank truck delivery)
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  38. Installed boiler (type, brand)*
    Please write installed boiler.
  39. Installed output*
    Please write installed output in kW.
  40. Comment
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