Wood pellets are a suitable fuel for home heating. The wood pellets are produced from pure sawdust  by pressing under great pressure at high temperature. The final shape of wood pellets is a short roller. Thus produced fuel contains a low proportion of moisture and provides a large calorific value. Wooden pellet burning is allowed in boilers designed to burn wood pellets that provide full comfortable automatic heating of households, large and small objects.


Technical parameters

Parameters Wood pellets (6 mm) ENPLUS A1
Shape Cylindrical
Diameter 6 mm
Lenght 30 – 40 mm
Bulk density
600 kg.m-3
Calorific value
16.5 MJ.kg-1
Water content
8 – 10%
Ash content
up to 0.7%


 The company BIOPEL stores, sells and transports wood pellets certified according to the standards for certification ENplus A1, the guarantee for the premium quality of fuel.
 pdfCERTIFICATE SK007  pdfCERTIFICATE SK301         pdfTest report - certification 2021

ENplus SK007             ENplus SK301

 Price list 
                                   15 kg bags                                                    1t big-bag                       
vrecko 15kg biopel  biomasa tatry web pelety big bag  
  • Truck with max. loading capacity of 6.3 tons (pellets packed in 15 kg bags/max. 6 palletes á 1050 kg):
01 Iveco EuroCargo 02 Cargo Biopel
  • Delivery vehicle with max. loading capacity 1.2 tons (pellets packed in 15 kg bags/max. 80 bags without pallete)
Peugeot BOXER Biopel 
  • Tank trucks with max. loading capacity of 11.5 tons, 14 tons, 17.5 tons
04 Volvo cisterna 175t  Cisterna 12t