• Company BIOPEL is providing various truck transport services:


  • Specializing in transportation of loose cargo.
  • Tank truck transportation of loose cargo.
  • Distribution of wood pellets, wood chips, wood briquettes, firewood.
  • Most of our pellet is delivered by blowing tunk trucks, and blown into a purpose built pellet store.
  • The BIOPEL team can advise on the most suitable delivery method for your site.

01 Iveco EuroCargo

Type of vehicle: Iveco EUROCARGO - platform car with hydraulic loading platform

Loading capacity: max. 6,3 tons

Unloading:  hydraulic control





03 Volvo Cisterna 12t

Type of vehicle: tank truck VOLVO 11,5t, tank truck Iveco STRALIS 14,5 t, tank truck VOLVO 17,5t

Loading capacity: max. 11,5 t - 14 t - 17,5 t

Unloading: pneumatic unloading of bulk pellets 



06 Volvo tahac s navesom

Type of vehicle: VOLVO – semitrailer truck with walking floor 

Loading capacity: volume 90 m3 , max. 24 t






07 Volvo tahac s kontajnermi

Type of vehicle: VOLVO and IVECO TRAKKER

Specification: Hook loader for container transportation