Biomasove logisticke centrum Kysucky Lieskovec 03BIOPEL, a. s. is a company established in 2012 by individuals and legal entities. The company is missioned to be transparent and successful company, highly committed to environment and contributing to region and regional economy.

The goal of company is production and trade of wide range of wood fuels: pellets (wood, industrial, alternative), briquettes (wood, alternative), chipped firewood, dry wood chips: Besides that company intends to provide additional transport services.

The company generates new job opportunities, home revenues and appropriate ecologic fuels from domestic renewable energy sources for people.

The core activities help to increase use of renewable energy sources, reduction of greenhouse gases and protection of local environment.

BIOPEL, a. s. is processing low-quality and waste wood, not useable as high-quality material in construction and furniture industry. The business of BIOPEL is supporting domestic players in wood industry: forest owners and small processing enterprises as: associations of forest owners, saw-mills, carpenters, foresters, waterway administrators etc.